Who Are We?
Paradigm Safety Integration

Paradigm Safety Integration, LLC’s commitment to excellence ensures clients can realize and maintain compliance with some of industry’s most critical regulatory requirements. Our programs have been carefully designed to specialize in the knowledge, resources, and processes necessary to meet and exceed our clients’ individual safety and wellness needs.

Our goal is simple: to assist clients in achieving their primary objectives by producing a healthy workforce that utilizes the safest and most efficient work practices possible. By implementing Paradigm’s trend-setting, innovative personal monitoring programs, which are designed to efficiently manage a company’s key operational and compliance resources, our clients experience an increase in productivity, a reduction in incident rates, and a potential decrease in insurance rates.

More About Us
Paradigm Safety Integration

Paradigm Safety Integration provides proactive solutions to limit workplace injury and increase productivity through education and monitoring the physiological state of a company’s most important asset: their employees.

Paradigm introduces the next generation of Wellness and Personal Safety!

Combining Paradigm’s Biology-Based Safety™ Training Program with material data collected in the field using Human SCADA™, Paradigm’s team of Safety, Wellness and Technology experts can help any organization promote an innovative Safety Culture motivated to mitigate prospective hazards and reduce potentially costly incidents.
Objective Safety and Health Education
Biology-Based Safety™ Paradigm introduces for the first time, Biology-Based Safety™ which focuses on objective education that will foster a Safety and Lifestyle Culture change within your organization. ...
Highlights the overall health and wellness status of the entire organization
BluePrint™ A non-invasive, mobile personal monitoring solution that is designed to observe and document employees’ Human Data and physiological states....
Proactive Safety with Real-Time Human Monitoring
RedZone™ Personal monitoring solution which provides real-time, continuous health and safety monitoring of personnel with proactive, exceptions-based alerting to help safety managers promptly attend to or avert a crisis....
The solution for Fitness-for-Duty
Fitness for Duty Through our state of the art physiological testing, education and monitoring techniques we can provide an organization with the tools to become a more fit and healthier workforce....
PULSE Web Portal Paradigm offers a secure online web portal membership providing health awareness and education customized to your personal needs. This system will also provide customized information regarding nutrition and other pertinent targeted Health/Wellness data.